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Transformation for People with Parkinson’s Disease

Posted Jul 21 2010 9:54am

I took this picture a few years ago not too far from where I live.  For those who are non-Texans, these are Bluebonnets [genus Lupinus in the legume family (Fabaceae)] and the red flowers are Indian Paintbrush [genus Castilleja,  in the family Orobanchaceae]

These beautiful flowers cover the hills and roadsides in Central Texas every Spring – and they are a good reminder of how transformation can occur.  Before these extraordinary colors emerge, the landscape is grassy and many times just brown and rocky.  For a few weeks each Spring the transformation is magnificent and almost unworldly.  Parents and Grandparents bring their little ones to sit in the wildflowers and snap their cameras.  Brides-to-be line roadsides in their wedding gowns so that their bridal portraits are framed with these blue wonders.

Today I thought about Bluebonnets when my step-daughter’s blog contained this sentence:Once you enter a workplace, it’s hard to ever be seen as anything bigger or stronger than the person you were when you first arrived.”   We Texans forget that the rocky outcrops in the hill-country can be perceived as beautiful until we see those blue blossoms emerge.

And in my own weird way, this caused me to reflect on the perception we PwP have of ourselves once we enter the sphere of Parkinson’s Disease.  We know that our tremors, stiffness, drooling and freezing of gait are common among PwP.  However, do we continue to see ourselves as emerging creatures with value and the ability to contribute positively?  Do we view our bodies as who we “really are”?  Do we make excuses for our forgetfulness and our inability to speak loudly?

My hope is that we keep striving to grow physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  People with Parkinson’s Disease KNOW that our lives are affected by this evil disease.  But each day is a gift and holds surprises.  Some of those surprises may not be good ones, but we still open our eyes each day and we’re still breathing, and still classified as ALIVE.

I want to encourage you, and encourage myself to exercise our bodies, loosen our muscles, read and explore our world to increase our knowledge.  Build our brains and allow our feelings to be expressed while taking care of the whole person that makes you a magnificent creature.

I want to encourage you to see beyond the rocky terrain that you are being dealt – look beyond to see the buds of beauty that can still emerge.  Just keep on working on YOUR transformation.

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