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Topamax being used for nerve pain in diabetics

Posted Feb 27 2010 6:50am
My mom recently started Topamax to see if it would help with her nerve pain from her diabeties. While at the pool I found out a friend of ours has recently started taking it also for nerve pain.

It has done wonders for mine but my nerve pain is from damage from the nerves due to radiation, surgeries, hydrocephalus and where my brain tumor was.

One side effect of Topamax is brain fog or just plain forget. When I say forget I mean really really forget. I wont say which one of us this happened to but one of us was typing up something and was needing to spell need. But forgot whay "N" looked like. It is funny but it is not. She could say M and know it was suppose to look kinda like M but was

Ok so it might not have been me this is the reason I wanted to go up on it really slow so I could control how fruity I would be all at one time...
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