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too many thoughts

Posted by ktf

Hi hope i am asking this in the right place!

My 12 year old son has problems with too many thoughts, they are every day things he has done, seen, thought and might do, he says it is like they are all cramming in at the same time and have an effect on his every day life, they never stop and he finds it very difficult to talk or concentrate, he says occasionally they lessen a little but not for long.

I don`t know if it is related but sleeping has always been an issue but seems to have also got worse during this time, we have had several nights when he says the thoughts will not let him sleep and i have found him sitting on his bed staring into space at 3am, he has also not been able to sleep at all at least once a week and will be wide awake for 34 hours before finally collapsing and sleeping for between 8 and 16 hours.

It is really starting to get to both of us and no one seems to have a clue, he is an exceptionally bright young man, happy and says he is not depressed although this is starting to depress us both, at primary school they said he is gifted and he is very clever.

 Can anyone advise me what i can do to help him, school is about to start and i just cannot see how he can attend in the state he is in.


Than you 

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Here's an advice which might proves useful to help your beloved son.

From my experiences, I wish to enlighten you that the problem with your son could be his liver's caused. Liver can't sustain intense heat due to eating of fried or barbecue food. Consult your professional doctor and conduct a thorough check.

Be Well! 

That is interesting as he did have fatty liver disease a couple of years ago, he doesnt eat much at all and rarely anything fried, he is a big lad but has a slow digestive system, now i am wondering if it is all related...thankyou i will ask our gp
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