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To Know

Posted Jan 16 2012 2:01am

To Know

Dear Readers,

This is the Tiger Lady here and it is Sunday January 15, 2012. You have my whole hearted thanks for the strong warmth interest in my website/blog post the past two years I believe I’ve had it up.

I am very pleased that the enjoyment I derived from writing them was really contagion. I tell you, nothing quite equals the excitement one experiences when learning how to write, blog and putting words together especially when someone like me has a brain injury; what they call “Dementia Pugilistic” or “Punch Drunk.” However I do walk around with an “invisible disability,” no one would ever understand.

So, I realize changing your attitude can change your life in every way, and with the right attitude you can change your life. So, I do my best and you can too. I believe you and I equal the same delight of creating and the pursuit of fulfillment if anyone is reading it.

Of course, this is my fulfillment; I usually get a question like: “Is this a paid theme?” No.

I started blogging when I took control of my life, actually saving me from the wreckage that usually destroys you. You know what I am saying?

God help me, I feel it’s my fault! O God I need to understand. Have you ever been in a situation where you blamed yourself?

I really hope you enjoy this website. It’s one of my personal favorites and still learning. Just sharing my love, strength, hope, and experience to you. In true character, mind and body,

Tiger Lady USA2012

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