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Tips and Exercises for Improving Memory

Posted Jan 24 2013 9:09am

Memorizing things gets difficult with aging where it was easy to remember them during school or college days. This is something we all are aware of, but are we putting any effort to improve our memory? In today's world where we have to meet our own and everyone's expectations, all the time, remembering things is a necessity. Our involvement in a lot of things makes us forget things at some point in life. Even stress plays its part in suppressing our recalling power. However, we can work towards ensuring memory health. Well, improving memory demands practice and patience, and you cannot become accurate in this thing overnight. Let us go through the tips and exercises that will enable you to enhance your memory and manage stress effectively.

Realization is highly essential. You should become aware of what factors are affecting your memory first. Generally, improper diet, excessive stress or health ignorance remains the prime factor. When it comes to stress, you cannot avoid it. However, it is something that you can control through your attitude, calmness and patience. Even your experience-based judgment may help in coping up with stress. You should focus at the task at hand. Prioritizing things is necessary as it makes you understand where to focus at what time. You must jot down the things you will do and the things that you are done with. Relaxation is another crucial thing. There is no point in being workaholic since it not only enhances stress levels but also affects your health tremendously. Be open. Nobody will scold or make fun of you if you come up with a somewhat foolish doubt. It is always good to clear doubts at the time when they arise. You should also socialize with friends, share your problems and also spare time for your hobbies. Listening to music and reading books also proves beneficial. Thus, your aim should be to work sincerely and take it easy. This will help improve your mental health.

Diet is the main factor that can help enhance your brain function by leaps and bounds. This is something where you cannot go with a lenient approach. Foods rich in antioxidants, folic acid, omega-3 essential fatty acids, potassium and magnesium, and fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, eggs and milk and dairy products are highly effective for your brain power. In addition, drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and stay active all the time. Taking adequate sleep also proves helpful where it keeps your mind fresh the whole day. Even exercise, which we consider for physical strengthening, adds to the brain power. You should keep at least 20 minutes at spare for exercise. It is not necessary to go for vigorous strength training; cycling or walking in fresh air will do the trick. Even laughter therapy can serve the purpose where it brings you to a new environment and relaxes you and your mind tremendously.

Games, which we all find very interesting, can help boost your memory power tremendously. In fact, games like Sudoku, crossword, etc. prove highly effective. Even video games, which we all love, can serve the purpose since they bring our mind in sync with an all new world. While discovering this world, we need to focus completely, which helps improve our concentration and reflexes. Even when you involve in any new activity, your brain works towards adapting to that new experience, which improves your skills and recalling ability. Thus, these are certain things that you must follow to develop strong memory. This will also help in improving your health and overall personality.

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