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Tian Hua studying for a key university in Beijing in

Posted Nov 28 2012 1:33am
Tian Hua studying for a key university inair jordan air jordan 7 shoes sale 7 shoes sale Beijing in 2001, the accounting profession was diagnosed with syringomyelia. Healed after surgery. In 2005, Tian Hua multi- disciplinary admitted to a key university, studying for Master of Engineering, and through the CPA exam. In 2011, seven years working Tian Hua apply for the 2012 national civil service examination positions for the Ministry of Finance in a place Financial Ombudsman Office civil servants. In the written test and interview, he achieved the first results. In March of this year, Tian Hua participated in the physical examination, and the initiative and units to communicate past medical history, said the hand after muscle has been shrinking, but does not affect the work. Physical examination the next day, the hospital informed Tian Hua medical failure. Tian Hua March 16 re-examination, the results still failed. air jordan 10 shoes sale Tian Hua, in the re-examination process, recruit units to review hospital to issue an official letter, said the labor intensity of the post. Tian Hua said, on March 23 this year, he received a phone call from a review hospital examination center, the other said in the consultation process, the Ministry of Finance issued an official letter, so they had to issue a medical failure report, because hospital for medical examination in addition to considering the physical condition of the subject, and also need to consider the formal letter issued by the recruitment unit. Tian Hua Treasury Department report on the court, asking the court to restore his civil service employment eligibility. Deloitte & Touche LLP lawyers in Beijing, the National Lawyers Association Deputy Secretary-General of the Professional Committee of the Constitution and the human rights lawyer Xu Can, agents Tian Hua's case. He believes that the recruitment unit in the process of examination in consultation with improper issue an official letter, suggesting that guide medical institutions to make the conclusion of the field medical failure error, which infringes on the field equal employment rights. The recruit units discriminatory air jordan 11 shoes sale behavior and differential treatment against the Tian Hua personality rights.
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