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Throbbing Head to Toe...

Posted Jan 12 2011 8:42pm
I just got home from my busiest day since my vacation and my head is throbbing, a little, but my left foot is definitely throbbing!!!!!  I had my DR appt this morning which was a little helpful.  They are going to try to get me approved for an MRI, which I didn't think they could do, but they can.  They are also helping out with the Medi-cal share cost by submitting that they charged me and covering the costs themselves.  I asked about the steroids and he said I am doing the right thing so as soon as the knot in my back is gone, which it feels much better today, I will go back down to 3mg.  I forgot to talk to him about the numbness in face but without a scan I don't really know what he would be able to say about it because my other docs had the scan and saw no reasonable explanation. 

After my appointment I went to walmart just to kill some time before my brain tumor support group meeting. 
I walked around for close to an hour and bought one thing that I needed.  After that I went to my support group meeting.  Only three of us showed up this month, nothing exciting or out of the ordinary happened.  Then I went to Target to get some groceries.  Walked around for close to two hours doing my shopping and then came home.  I did two trips up the steps to bring in groceries and I still have one trip left in the car, I'm just too tired to go get it!  I came in, put everything away, sat down, took my shoes and brace off and my foot just started throbbing, in fact its still throbbing a little!  I could probably fall asleep right here right now!

One thing I wanted to add about the whole numb face thing... its now going up to my ear.  From my eye across my cheek over to my ear and then down my neck.  Very weird. 

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