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Thoughts on the aftermath of an adventure..and PD that has decided to awake!

Posted Apr 03 2009 11:36pm

This isn’t a poem, but some thoughts that were running through my mind as I look back on getting home from my west coast adventure:

I’ve joined again the reality of my life routine

after time spent with friends across the states

I was so proud of how my PD body coped on the trip

but once home a combo of jet lag and the delayed physical overload on my body ….came and hit me hard.

I sat in a chair most of one day waiting on meds to work and help me move

When I walked I scooted and found I could do little productive work

I had slept well for once but now my body seems encased

and I speculate if the next day would be any better or not

On top of returning home, the regular schedule resumed

with extra items falling in the empty spaces of time each day

I want to scream and say “just let me catch up to the normal routine!!!”

for I know the extras will make my PD hard to rein in

There I go trying to think I can push through it all

but in my heart, I know there will be consequenses should I go it alone

So I tuck my pride inside and ask for some help to stem the tide

It is not getting any easier to meet my goals after 6 years of PD invading my body.

It causes some emotional pain when grander goals can no longer be obtained

But adventures are still worth planning, attempting, and achieving ..

even if they are not as grand and the speed to accomplish them is going down.

so I set smaller goals and celebrate ones that are accomplished…and it adds to my joy.

Some days the accomplishments may be few and most insignificant

depending on how demanding of my strength PD becomes

but as long as I can have some hope, and strive to cross even a small finish line

I’ll have pride that I have not let PD win

And minute by minute, day by day, year by year,

I will endure until someone finds a cure

or until my Maker says it is time to be made new in a permanent home

then I will lay down and my mind and heart will be content

I’m seeing that through the bad PD days

so much like an overcast day with lots of rain

there can come the minutes or even seconds …

of sunshine and blessing like a beautiful rainbow.

I’m hoping at the end of one of my rainbows

there will not be a pot of gold but a pot with plenty of PD cure inside

but if it never comes to be, may I still stand in wonder

….at what my God has brought me through

…..and give Him the honor and glory in all I do!

Judy Hensley 3/26/09

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