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This is what Prayer does

Posted Nov 06 2013 10:06pm
October 30,2013 I had to have surgery once again. Number 21 for me. This past shunt and anti syphon device has not worked right since it was put in. I have had head rushes and pain ever since. I now have tremors that I have to take medication to control. I would never do anything about it for fear of things getting much worse. But after I got hit on the head I needed checked out and this is when we found the problems with everything. I was in surgery a bit over 3 hours with all the testing. Then put into ICU for 2 day where I had an icp monitor, heart monitor , oxygen, IV and under the sink bathroom. Thank God!! Deanna was a nurse and could unhook me from all that to get to my cabinet to "P" Because all I had was male nurses. I realize there is so much to my story I need to share. To teach others about hydrocephalus. I need to be blogging again. I don't know how often I will get to but I do this to help others. I have a non programmable OSV II with a low flow anti syphon device. So far no dizzy spells and no head rushes. I still have a swelling and some bit of a headache. As each day I give Deanna a good report she responds and tells me. " I know this time is going to work. This is what prayer does."
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