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there is an supra owen uk indescribable pain! Sincerely hope they Well

Posted Jan 19 2013 5:59am
Take good care of their children will be left in their side, or placed with relatives aunts and uncles grandparents with children than Tibet as Well! Tibet children leave their parents to find Who, something had to find a teacher, the teacher does not like our parents every day with his ass back, they should busy with their own things, their own families, or on their own. Children, suffering! The future, I have the opportunity I will definitely come back to teach you. I went to their bedroom to see is a few rudimentary bed, the bed is a thin linen quilt. I do not know that the winter will not be so, but I see the scene now and my child are similar, much suffering! When I asked about a second grade a child, I asked her: "sister over here, you okay? Have relatives here?" She gave me the answer is: "I have no relatives here, school can also miss their parents supra s1w uk want to go home. "when she said that sound changed, hear own tears could not help but stay, I do not know what to say to them, just hope they good, good to complete their studies.

My tears could not stop dropping, a sister came to say to my sister, your tears out and wipe it! Our school is very obedient and well behaved. My heart is in tears, there is an supra owen uk indescribable pain! Sincerely hope they Well! I am reluctant to leave in the afternoon, and could not bear children. But I had to leave, I would also like to continue to do the things in the future, I must come here to visit them. 5.7, I received a phone call from a teacher to me that the kids miss us, and that want to see me. But I can not go, I'm afraid I have to go and my eyes fill with tears, and I do not want to see kids as. I gave my teacher answer, I lied to her, I can not see them, I have something I have time I will definitely come! I hear the sophomore yesterday that sister on the phone said: "Sister, I want you, you, ah," I do not have time to answer sister, sister, I must see you, you want to listen to the teacher to learn, to make a person useful to society, you know?
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