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The volatile custody battle hing ...

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:24pm

The volatile custody battle hinging on
DNA testing between Michael Birkhead and Howard K. Stern is more than sad, it is a travesty. Hopefully, we are all fully aware that biology is not destiny - and it has been rumored that even if DNA tests favor Birkhead, he still may not get custody of this poor little baby. So, what is this fight really about?

What the voracious public probably knows is that this public battle is about money, just like our presidential campaign, Iraq war, and our national disgrace, Katrina. Sad, to say, that is nothing new. After all, even the founders who constructed our Constitution were rich, white men who wanted to make sure to build a republic instead of a democracy - to insure that the common people did not directly control the outcome of an election. I know, history is always a little dry reading - but the lack of its study keeps us repeating our same idiocy generation after generation.

Saddest of all, it keeps killing our young.
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