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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly… by Judy Hensley

Posted Oct 09 2010 2:21am

Do you ever get up with words swirling in your brain and in your heart? Compelled to jot them down for others to read?  These were some things God put on my mind Labor Day morning, 2010. I need them but feel like I was not meant to hold on to them as my own. So – I hope for someone else, this strikes home.

Have you ever thought about how many
‘God -given-things’ come in three’s?

Today for me the three happen to be: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
and, here is how these have been revealed to me.

Don’t we want God to inhabit our heart??
He’s the GOOD we should let control every single part.

But if we are not diligent the adversary of our soul can find root,
And the battle for control begins as an innocuous off-shoot!

The BAD doesn’t take long or need much room to start
Making major changes in our attitude and heart.

Others can see it happen to us and think regretfully
How our life has gone from one of honor to one of little integrity.

The BAD is our own creation because we have free choice
To choose between lowliness of service to others and how we will use our voice

By giving God’s goodness and judgment a chance to shine through.
Or instead …will we yield to an UGLY self-centeredness whose

Focus is, “Hey, give ME some credit for my part: it is long over-due”!
And we can yield too quickly into seeing as the world will do

Picking the path that is so easy
For quick instant happiness and personal glory

Neglecting the way that we sense will be longer and certainly, a hard test…
Losing out on an outcome for GOOD that God has in store as best?

Our God stands by and urges his children to do GOOD and claim the prize
Yielding victory for all eternity and happiness in His eyes.

The elation we get from doing good may be gone all too soon
But it draws us back to feel it again and our confidence blooms!

From all our choices and overwhelming feelings
Our hearts and minds soon learn new things

Likehow giving God all our heart brings abundant blessings
Even in UGLY situations, the deepest valleys and intense sufferings.

Time and wisdom help us see how this life we live is not ‘all-about-me’
But about the ONE who loves unconditionally and we may really see

How much worth and value He places on our life which He holds.
To Him we are never UGLY and worth possessing more so than precious gold.

So could it be, for me especially,
God put in my mind some things to garner from these three the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY?…

Ok, I got tired of rhyming and just wrote out the summary thoughts and prayer.

Things I should learn:

How can I learn to trust God with my every life-step utilizing the gifts He gives to guide us along the way? LikeHis personal ever present guiding spirit made ’in-tune’ and powerful to use; and His instructional book filled with stories of other folks like me and you?  Go ahead and take a look inside the Book if you haven’t before, page after page we can read of others who learned from similar lessons; ones who faced similar sorts of characters as we, just in a different time & place!

Isn’t it amazing how others, over a long period of time, have looked to God in situations so like oursand He never let them down!  Sowhy shouldn’t I believe, that when I step out in faith to walk through days filled with the BAD and UGLY all around, that I know His GOOD will light my way? And I should know that I can talk to Him about every circumstance I face and know that He cares and loves me and watches over me every single second of every single day?

I hope I grow to understand how God is a God of goodness and He loves our faithfulness.  YetHe can allow the testing of even the righteous like Job.

That man Job… Look at his story and stop to think…

He kept the faith through such a devastating ordeal and God blessed him in due time for his faith stood strong.  Now how about mine? There is never ever a time when I should feel defeated because God will show up at the right time.  He has proven it over ‘n over and over!

God, thank you for showing me this to give me hope so that I will not give up or give in when life gets hard.  Instead, I will put all my trust in You and stand in awe.  And I will know I will make it through each struggle because I can do all things through Youin me!

Thank you God for loving me and wanting me to love like You do, so that I can be a woman after Your heart and receive the greatest feeling when You get all the glory and honor from anything I do. Help me to see day after day that the wide path may be easier and have many travelers on it, but You may have called me to a different way.

Make my passion make the steep way low, the winding rocky road straight and smooth, and always keep my eyes on You and your way even when Your way may look steep, winding, and I can’t see the end. But help me set out on each new path with trust, hope, and a god-sized expectation of completing it in VICTORY! For I should know very well by now that each struggle is overcome because nothing is too hard for me with you by my side!



September 2010

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