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The Four False Mood Types

Posted May 22 2009 11:55pm

I've written about Julia Ross before ... her book The Mood Cure is worthwhile mentioning again with this, taken directly from her website:

The Four False Mood Types

Each of the four mood engines in your brain, as represented above, needs a different amino acid fuel. The lower your access to amino fuel, the more False Mood symptoms you develop. The four emotion-generators in your brain are actually called neurotransmitters. Each one powers a different emotional zone in your brain and each has a distinctly different effect on your mood:

The Dark Cloud of Depression

If you’re high in serotonin – you’re positive, confident, flexible, and easy-going.If you’re sinking in serotonin – you’ll tend to become negative, obsessive, worried, irritable, and sleepless.

The Blahs

If you’re high in catecholamines – you’re energized, upbeat, and alert.If your catecholamines have crashed – you’ll sink into a flat apathetic funk.

Anxiety and Stress

If you’re high in GABA – you’re relaxed and stress-free.If there’s a gap in your GABA – you’ll be wired, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Oversensitive Feelings

If you’re high in endorphins – you’re full of cozy feelings of comfort, pleasure, and euphoria.If you’re near the end of your endorphins – you’ll be crying during commercials and overly sensitive to hurt.

You can replenish any deficiency in your own neurotransmitters using the amino acids as described in The Mood Cure.

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