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The Five Most Mundane Acts of Life (Boring, Really!)

Posted Jan 25 2009 4:35pm

All of us have those duties or acts in life that we just do not want to do. They hold no meaning, no joy, and most of all are just no damn fun! So, for my own enjoyment, I decided to flip the switch and list what I believe are the five most mundane acts of everyday life. If you want to add to them, feel free. If you think adding to them is too boring-it's cool ;-) Mundane away---
1) Arranging clothes to wear each day. I cannot think of anything that sets my teeth on edge more than this boring necessity. If it were up to me I would wear the same outfit everyday. I am not a fashionista!

2) Getting insurance quotes. Although I know it saves money if this is done on a regular basis, the thought of wading through a number of benefits and liabilities never fails to make my eyes glaze over.

3) Taking my medications- as a babyboomer I ( like most of my fellow aged persons) have to take a certain number of pills each day- it is tiresome, bothersome, and if I knew of a way to get around taking them but still reap whatever benefits (staying alive?) they add to my life - then I would.

4) Putting gas in my car- first I have to place my card in the pump, then they approve my card, and tell me to nozzle up! I stand in the cold, gritty overcast winter day, wishing I were lying on a beach in South Florida, with zillions of hot young men lusting over my body. Well, self-delusion is not mundane ;-)

5) Sitting in the car line at a school waiting to pick up children. Idling cars, irate parents, and a loss of about an hour a day all for the joy of picking up and dropping off the little ones.

That's my joy!
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