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The bobcats finished magic buzzer small trading fauvism striker in the lakers will be old

Posted Feb 22 2013 7:15am
In trade gate will be closed before, the bobcats with magic completed a buzzer small trading. According to the charlotte observer newspaper reporter rick bond Neil report, the details of the transaction is the bobcats give fauvism inside WaLiKe, change back to josh - mike Roberts. WaLiKe was in 2005 the first round of the 19th show, he height Celine Clasp Bags 2 meters, the physical quality outstanding, can fly is good at jumping, fauvism inside one of the representative figure of. WaLiKe this season for the bobcats played a total of 27 games, averaging 17.9 minutes, 7 for contribution points and 3.3 rebounds this season, his salary for 4 million dollars. Be worth what carry is, this is the second time this season WaLiKe be traded, in the middle of November 2012, when playing for the New Orleans hornets WaLiKe was sent to the bobcats, exchanged carol, just for the bobcats played 3 months time, he will pick up and leave again. WaLiKe career DianFengQi is in Memphis and the bucks have, 2006 - season until the 2009-10 season, he's averaging reached double digits. But since the 2009-10 season in the Milwaukee bucks for a season, WaLiKe began to decline, nearly four season averaging all stay in low single digits. As for mike Roberts, he was in 2007 the first round of the selected sequence 7, the starting point of his career in Portland, only Celine Classic Bags for the Portland trail blazers played eight games, mike Roberts joined the pacers, the 2010-11 season he averaged 7.4 points and 5.3 rebounds and 2.1 assists, in the summer of 2011 mike Roberts joined the lakers last season with the lakers, he was no return, averaging only contribute 2.5 points and 3.3 rebounds. Last summer, the lakers and magic launch the amount involved more than the big players such as Howard trading, mike Roberts was the lakers to magic, this season he for 41 games, averaging 3.9 points and 3.3 rebounds. For the playoffs has been basically the bobcats and magic is concerned, the deal is for their ascension warfare and no help, they mainly is to make this summer cap space. WaLiKe next season's salary though for 4 million, but magic has the team option, can choose WaLiKe cut. But this season annual salary of more than 3 million mike Celine Clutch Bags Roberts contract this summer, will become a free agent. For trade, before the beginning of this season was thunder to rockets James haddon to a n experienced person's identity message new signing way: "I am the deal is before the start of the season, basically I have the whole season's time to go into the team and the players are in the middle of the season, they in the previous team accustomed to their own role, familiar with his team, now they will have to face a brand new environment, it is very difficult. The lakers owner jerry buss late paid held as scheduled, in addition to buss family members and friends more than, before the legend and the lakers players and coaches have been present, including the lakers godfather jerry west, god operator pat riley and phil Jackson, kobe Bryant, shark shaq, magic Johnson, kareem abdul-jabbar and gasol were made a passionate speech, in honor of memorial and old buss. Although old buss called paid, but today more like a big family the opportunity, both those who set up the legion's predecessor, also have active player on the lakers. Shark shaq also attended today's memorial, and made a speech. As is known to all, old buss has been eager to win continuously. After the 80 s after the brilliant, the lakers Celine Luggage Bags once in undervalued, but in old buss, under the leadership of the lakers let shaq and kobe combination together, and open a glorious era for the third consecutive year. Buss to become the boss later, the lakers have 16 time they reached the NBA finals, 10 championships. "To sit here today every people, jerry buss Sir Means everything. The shark said, "he is a dreamer, he is always better than we earlier foresee the future.
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