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The Birds on My Balcony- A Bird's Song

Posted Jul 10 2011 8:21am
Last year my daughter bought me a very cool bird feeder for my balcony.  It was constructed in such a way that squirrels could not get their furry little mouths into them to get the bird seed.  I thought this was funny- and it was funnier still when a very determined squirrel did try to get his snout into the bird feeder only to be very disappointed when his head would not fit into the opening.

 The biggest problem I am having here with this bird feeder is the big mess that the birds are making.  Not only are they leaving pleasant deposits all over the balcony ( yucko!) but they also are slobs!

The bird seed is everywhere- in fact, a savvy squirrel would really not have to get up and into the birdfeeder anymore to get to the bird seed, because it is all over the floor of the balcony.

Yes, I really love birds, but I didn't know they were such pigs!
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