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Tell Us Your Story And Win A Lumosity Lifetime Membership

Posted Aug 19 2010 5:56pm

We love hearing stories about how Lumosity has improved our users’ cognitive abilities and changed their lives. If you have a Lumosity story to share, submit it here: .

Here’s an example of a touching testimonial that we received from Dr. David Darbro, age 73. Dr. Darbro suffered a stroke in 2005, and he now uses Lumosity to regain lost mental function.

“Imagine not being able to speak … you are driving home one night when suddenly out of the blue your speech becomes gibberish….then imagine what it would be like to not be able to remember what number comes after 1,2,3,4,…. That description describes what I experienced in 2005. A week or so after I went into atrial fibrillation I had a stroke that hospitalized me.

Ever since that time I have been working to regain lost mental function. Knowing that about my history hopefully allows you to understand my enthusiasm for your program. Lumosity provides me with a guide that is helping me restore lost cognitive function I suffered on that night in July 2005. Lumosity’s method for cognitive improvement contains games that are fun to take; challenge one’s mental performance; and at the same time encourage one to excel and outdo one’s previous best score.

It has been said that “no pain no gain” is as true in training the body as it is in training the brain. I believe there is some truth to that saying, and is why I work diligently taking these exercises daily and drive myself and sweat over them. The investment in time and effort required to blow out the mental cobwebs is yielding rewards. Exercising my brain to improve my mental status provides me with the confidence to go about my life. I know that nothing great is accomplished without hard work. And I also know that “if you don’t use it you will lose it.” I believe the Lumosity mental tests are keeping me from “losing it”. The tests aim at improving skill in attention, memory, speed, mental flexibility, and problem solving. These five basic skills are needed if we are to function well in today’s fast paced life. Not only am I regaining mental skills during my refreshing mental workout, but also my daily progress is documented. This documentation provides an objective measure of my brain’s healing. I can document the fact that I am regaining previously lost mental function. I am most thankful.

As a medical physician who is oriented to wellness I have a passion to help my patients and others regain lost function as I have done. Because mental functioning comprises a huge part of wellness I purpose to recommend your service to my patients and others. In short, the Lumosity method is a program of mental training that provides we members with a delightful way to prepare for whatever challenges life may have in store during our brief pilgrimage above sod. Thank you all for making this service available to us all.”


Tell us YOUR story!

Submit your story by 11 PM PST on September 1st, 2010, and you’ll be automatically entered to win a Lumosity Lifetime Membership. One Lumosity Lifetime Membership will be awarded to a winner selected by a random drawing from all testimonials received during the month of August 2010. The winner will be notified via email by 12 PM PST on Friday, September 9th. This promotion is void where prohibited by law.

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