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Talking About Parkinson’s Disease

Posted Feb 16 2010 6:32am 2 Comments

There are days I wish I never heard the words: Parkinson’s Disease.

Today is one of them.  I was asked recently what my goal is in maintaining this blog.  Well, when I began this blog two years ago my goal was to give accurate information about Parkinson’s Disease and to share my experiences and thoughts as a person with Parkinson’s (PWP).  I think I’ve accomplished that goal…..but there are many new discoveries, drug trials and advances that come out everyday.  I hope that I am giving you accurate, viable information – but I still use this blog as my platform for my thoughts and my own personal discoveries.

I wish I had never heard the words “Parkinson’s Disease” come out of my doctor’s mouth.  I wish I had never had the tremors that my nephew noticed and reported to my family.  I wish I could walk without fear of falling, or run without fear of freezing.  But, wishes don’t often become reality.

Parkinson’s Disease is real, and is the reality in my life, as it is in many of your lives.  Being informed, living our plans, exercising, following our doctor’s instructions and taking our drugs SHOULD give PWP an improved quality of life.  Somedays I have that improved quality of life.  Other days I don’t.

As I talk about Parkinson’s Disease I hope you aren’t uncomfortable or reluctant to tell your own story.  As I struggle with overcoming negative thoughts about this disease I hope you aren’t influenced to hide your symptoms, deny yourself outstanding therapies or ignore the stiffness.

I hope that my talking about Parkinson’s Disease encourages you to support the efforts to find a cure.  I hope that my talking about Parkinson’s Disease offers you hope, encouragement, and the reality that you have an ally in fighting this evil disease.

I hope you still have hope.

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I do the same thing, bibmomma.  I try to stay positive in my blog posts and videos, but there are days when I feel like just bitching and whining.  I don't usually indulge the impluse, but there are times... oh, yes... there are times!

I hope today is one of your good days!

Thanks, Bill.  I have been having better days and sleeping (for a change). But the struggle is still long as the evil disease, PD is there - it WILL be a constant struggle.  However, it does help me to know there are other PWP out there walking (stumbling, perhaps) on the SAME path!

Take care, Allie a.k.a. Bibmomma

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