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Surgery complications

Posted Feb 15 2013 10:06pm
Why is nothing ever as simple as described?

Yesterday I had a family member to have what was to be a simple surgery they were to have lite  sedation for the 45 minute procedure. Most people are awake for. 

It was suppose to be so simple that no breathing tube was needed. This was a cataract surgery. Because my family had back trouble the doctor was concerned he would not be able to stay still so he was knocked out.

So why  when he comes out of surgeries was  he  spitting up blood. It seems there was was a tube put down his throat after all.

I have had 20 surgeries and never had this happen. I have to have the smallest tube used too. I think its a child's because of the radiation I had it has made my throat very difficult to trake.

With all my  surgeries I often come out looking like I have been beat up because of having so much trouble getting the tube down my throat. I even have cracks in my mouth.

The worst was one time they tore my mouth. He goes in today today to get the patch off I hope to get some answers why this happened.
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