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Support Group was Educational Today

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:06am
The monthly brain tumor support group that I attend met today. It was very educational. We had guest speakers today from a couple lawyers that specialize in helping people apply for and receive social security disability insurance. At first I got a bit angry because I thought I had missed out on my chance to collect extra disability last year, but it turns out I would not have able to collect, which may seem wrong, but it is fine. You have to be able to prove that you would not be able to work for 12 months and I did work last year. I am going to post the info they gave us, but I need to scan it in to my computer first so that will be my next post. The truth is its very hard to collect social security insurance and most people don't file for it because they don't know they are eligible. The stuff I will post will help. What gets me is that its so hard to get, its very sad. They said they have clients that are now homeless because they couldn't get their money that they should have been entitled to. Very sad. Made me even more determined to start my organization to help brain tumor survivors pay they bills!

I received a comment on my last post from a doctor who runs a health website and would like to post this blog on it. So that is two health websites and this site that my blog will be available on. I am obviously reaching people and that is a reason to keep going! I recently found myself getting upset again, wondering why I survived just to be all alone. Funny thing is every time I start to think like that I get a sign from the universe that I am not all alone. It may be a phone call or an email or an invite out, and it may not be the close friendship or loving relationship that I long for, but it shows me that I am not alone and to be patient because more than likely when I get what I am longing for it will be worth the wait! And I am thinking maybe I am needed to show others that it is possible to survive something like this on your own. It sucks and it is hard, but it is possible. Maybe that is my purpose for now. With getting asked to be part of the brain tumor study and another health related website wanted to post my blog and being asked to do an on camera interview for Gamma Knife, it kinda makes sense, it still sucks, but I can handle it!

I have been feeling a bit stuffy and dizzy lately so I went to my doc and he gave me antibiotics for what we think is a slight sinus infection. He also prescribed nasal spray, but I still have some so I just filled the order for the antibiotics. I hate taking them, but I would like to feel better so I will take them. I figure its better to be safe then sorry.
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