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Still Got The Weird Feeling In My Head

Posted Feb 19 2010 7:32pm
That tingling feeling I mentioned yesterday, I still have it, comes and goes, but its like it constantly coming and going.  Had PT today.  Went pretty well, but my leg and ankle fatigued pretty quickly, though I think its because she worked it a little harder than she normally does.  I have been doing some exercises at home so I guess I just really need to work up my endurance, which I already know that.  I was hoping to come home and do rock band but I had a headache when I got home so I waited but it never happened, now its getting late and I figure I'll wait until tomorrow.  Don't have a headache though, the tylenol worked!  Still have the tensed up muscle feeling up my leg to my neck though, that I think may go along with the tingling in my head.  While at PT, I noticed that when I tried really hard to do an exercise I would shake in my hand or my arm, I even noticed a slight tremor in my cheek!  Not really sure what to think about that, first time its ever happened.  Still on the tapering off schedule of the steroids so its possible there is still swelling in the brain and my brain has been damaged so much by all the surgeries there is really no telling how much permanent damage there actually is.

I slept until 6:30 am this morning and I was able to fall back asleep afterwords.  It was nice.  I will step down on the melatonin after I finish the steroids but I know that I can increase if needed.
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