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Starting To Get Nervous About Money...

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:06am
I realized today that I only have enough unemployment left for 5 more weeks! Not good. Then I realized that I can get an extension which will add maybe another 10 weeks to that, but after that I am completely screwed! There will be no more unemployment available for me and even if I tried to go back on state disability I didn't have much left and I would not qualify for SS disability. I need to find a job NOW! My rent just got raised and I have a feeling my car insurance is going to go up, slight fender bender that was totally my fault, the other car was parked! I really started to panic today, so much so that tears were shed! Well, I have calmed down a bit. The union knows I am available, I have a show list and am going to start faxing my resume, and I found out that I am getting my AFO brace regardless of what the insurance company says. I can't remember if I mentioned this but Saturday I received another letter from the insurance company saying that they were reevaluating the request for my brace, some issue of the straps being inclusive to the brace, all a matter of codes, and so I went to the doc today just to check on the status and the doc himself told me they sent in for it again and that it has already been ordered and I will get it regardless. Hopefully it will come this week or beginning of next week.

I am feeling good right now, just down about the whole not having worked much this past year, but health wise I feel pretty good. My sinuses feel much better and I haven't been feeling dizzy.
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