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Posted Dec 30 2009 10:15pm

Today we are standing on the edge of time – the edge of a New Year – the edge of a new decade.  Not too very long ago we were preparing for Y2K and the highly anticipated crashes of computers, end of time possibilities, wars and destruction.  My family stockpiled food, water, batteries and even duct-tape to seal our doors and windows in the event of some type of unworldly disaster.

That was ten years ago – what seems to be an eternity in that scenario of standing on the edge of time.  These years fly by regardless of my preparation for “the end of time” or my preparation for additional consequences of Parkinson’s Disease.  It’s all going to happen regardless of my mindset, my insurance, my resistance.  The passing of time, the future will roll over me whether I’m prepared or not.

For those of us with Parkinson’s Disease or any other chronic illness, standing on the edge of time brings anticipation. We anticipate worsening physical symptoms, juggling medication timing, weighing the decisions to participate in clinical trials and being constantly aware of our ability to meet the challenges of work, family and PD.  So, for PWP (people with Parkinson’s) standing on the edge of time is the norm.  We are constantly evaluating, weighing, determining how we can cope with all these demands.

For those without Parkinson’s Disease, walking, chewing gum, swallowing thin liquids, driving, sleeping, climbing stairs and putting on make-up – those are everyday activities.  You do them without thinking about how “the evil disease” will effect those activities.  You don’t have to weigh the importance of one of those activities to determine if you will have enough “energy units” to complete the task.  So, you stand on the edge of time with other priorities, other plans, challenges, hopes and dreams.

Please don’t forget that even the smallest task can take tremendous fortitude, energy and determination for a PWP to complete.  Please remember that even getting up out of a chair can be as difficult for us as climbing a mountain might be for you.  Standing on the edge of time doesn’t have to be a cliff or a mountain in my life – just walking up a flight of stairs poses the same type of challenge for me.

So, as you roll over in bed effortlessly this New Year’s Eve, say a little prayer for those who must brace against another person or hold onto a stationary strap to accomplish this task.  And for goodness sake, say a prayer that we can all have a cure very, very soon for this evil enemy, Parkinson’s Disease.  I look so forward to standing on the edge of the time when we have that discovery.

May you and yours have a healthier and blessed 2010!


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