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St. Patrick's Day is GReen- and The Drunkest DAy of the Year in Fort Wayne

Posted Feb 23 2009 10:15pm

When I worked as a bail agent in this fair city, I fell in love with St. Patty's Day. Oh, no-not because I'm Irish. Although along with my other many ethnic sproutings I probably am somewhere in my genetic mix, but because I got lots of green! No, not green beer! No, not green cabbage! No, not green clover!!

GREEN MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Green Money! Why did I get so much green money?

Well, because everyone spends St. Patrick's Day drunk in Fort Wayne and someone has to bail them out.. And when I workd as a bail agent, I got paid quite well to do that, thank you!;-)

It was kind of sad really. You had the righteous drunks who had spent time in the slammer before for this infraction calling at 2 or 3 in the AM wanting me to come to the lock up and get the money to haul their butts out of the can. No can do, mister. Not when I just had a poor mother call and tell me her son was in jail for drunken driving- and she JUST COULDN"T beleive it!! SOB!

And, then, there was the society matron whose attorney came and paid her bail and she walked out of the jail with no shoes.. Probably someone used them for cups for their green beer. Who knows? But, sad! Yeah! Profitable? You betcha!!

And a much different kind of green than I am dealing with today!
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