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Someone think leather to be much more expensive

Posted Oct 23 2012 3:42am

Some people think that synthetic materials can not be completely replaced by the texture of kangaroo leather, a man named Ben Perkins, general manager of American football commentator and soccer equipment company earlier this year, there was a football point of view of the famous American football review site author Calls for "Do not ban kangaroo soccer shoes. He said: "We are strongly opposed to the authentic leather soccer air max 2012 shoes withdraw from the market! I also know that cheaper synthetic materials, but the touch of leather shoes can not be replaced. Someone think leather to be much more expensive, synthetic leather adding a lot of science and technology, they value how much money, so I finally made shoes are not necessarily much cheaper than leather. "

In addition, the Internet also suggested that Nike's statement I am afraid that is not just for humanitarian, which also control the cost factors. In this regard, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter interviewed a well-known football equipment website moderator even - even to get a professional answer from him. Even even said that the main advantage of kangaroo leather shoes breathable, soft, the ductility and ball sense better, but the cost is higher, the Nike shoes using kangaroo leather products are nike free run 3 products. Although synthetic materials in the development phase will be more consumption funds, but at this stage, the cost will still come down, "is no longer with kangaroo leather to protect the environment, while the purpose of environmental protection is ultimately to reduce the material even even said, loss. Nike in recent years, vigorously develop synthetic material soccer shoes, the goal is more portable, such as the 'assassin' series in order to reduce weight shoes, Nike is bound to go light material of the road, also uses the 'flying lead' so science and technology. "

Even even revealed the Nike brand new synthetic material is Kangalite and "CTR360" series is used in this material, "Nike said that this material is softer, but also closer to the feel of kangaroo leather, but I still feel Kangalite kangaroo leather is very The big gap, of course, its cost should be less than kangaroo leather lower. "At this point, even even Ben Perkins's view is consistent.

In addition to making soccer shoes kangaroo leather, there are a lot of sporting goods with animal organs. For example, the most famous of the pig bladder, before the emergence of the modern football, with a pig bladder bile produced by the ancient football once widely popular in the United Kingdom. Cattle 2006-07 season, NBA reform, the artificial epidermis basketball game, but the league players hit rate decreased for the nike free run 2, not only very easy to hurt your fingers forced, the Union had to go back to the leather basketball. Addition to horse racing, the best saddle generally made of calfskin horse bridle usually produced by the high-quality leather.

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