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Some of the Toughest Boys Play Hockey

Posted Apr 05 2009 11:51pm
Check this article out, Tough Boy:

National Hockey League players and Concussions

I have saved a ton of little articles that I have always 'meant to post,' but never 'got to.' I'm just posting this because I found it (back in OCTOBER!! eek!) interesting and it relates to my Tough Boy Initiative - and provides a perfect example of what researchers are just learning about the impact of concussions on those who sustain MANY of them... what better place to start than Professional Hockey??

Wow... what a run on sentence... :(

Bruins Final Score 11.13.08

My First Live Bruins Game!

I went to my first Bruins game in November. I 'zoned out' a little bit throughout the game... but over all I really enjoyed it. I was initially afraid that I would cringe every time they body slammed each other into the walls. I felt like I would constantly be concerned about concussions and constantly urked (spelling??) to think of what could possibly be happening to their brain each time.

I have to admit that I actually really enjoyed that part. When I work and save enough money - I want season tickets. I can see why its not an initial concern while cheering for your local (awesome awesome awesome) team. As much as I felt guilty for enjoying that part, I can see how the sport could have less fan involvement (?? not sure if that's what I mean or how to say it...) if the contact didn't exist while fighting for the puck.

This is a good article that was written October 21, 2008 (very recent!) on summarizing data pulled from a long study involving hockey players and how they've been impacted by concussions - without realizing it. An example of what was found quoted from the article:

Thirty percent of NHL players diagnosed with concussions have normal physical readings but abnormal neuropsychological testing scores.

I want the data from other sports... NFL, MLB, NBA... bring it on!! I know they're all tough boys and do very well sucking up the pain and dizziness to get back on the ice... but I need more data to assess how to change it! After all, that's my initiative. To protect, serve, advocate, and educate to and for all the tough boy's out there in the world!

Go. Bruins. Yay!
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