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So Uncomfortable!!!!!

Posted Jul 20 2011 4:52pm
Everything I eat turns right into fat and settles in my stomach because I can't do anything!  Its so frustrating, I have gained so much weight since the road trip.  And of course it doesn't help that my parents tend to eat whatever they want and I lack the will power to say no to ice cream and such!  I try doing the shake weight, but it hurts my side and gives me a headache, but I still do it. 

My leg is getting weaker every day which may mean that the tumor is growing, but we won't know that until we get to Florida and get me residency and doctors and such.  The good news is that the title to my Jeep arrived today so we can leave as soon as dad sells his Jeep.  He's going to "buy" my Jeep and sell his because I will never be able to get into his Jeep and he will get more money for his. 

I am drinking a lot of water because I am trying to flush out the fat and going to the bathroom is the only exercise I get.  The problem is I keep getting swollen on my right side, my foot and leg.  But
I go to the bathroom constantly I don't know how I can retain so much water!  Plus it worries me because water retention in the lower extremities is also a sign of heart failure and I did gain a lot of weight rather quickly and sometimes have a pressure feeling in my chest.  I don't want to die of heart failure before the brain tumors can do me in!

I just had to get up to go to the bathroom and I had a really hard time getting off the couch, so
I cursed God, still not sure about my faith.  Then I finally get up and I almost fall trying to get to the bathroom.  If I fall I'm stuck on the floor until one of my parents come back because they are working until 10pm today, but dad checks in occasionally and they will be back for dinner.   Plus I put a pad on because I almost didn't make it in time!   UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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