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Smoky Is Special

Posted Nov 09 2012 10:06pm
I have so much I want to tell you that thelittle dog is doing. I'm recently amazed at so many things he does. At 2 months and two days old Smoky is already showing signs of being a therapy dog much like pepper. Pepper was not formally trained. He bonded with me on his on and I trained him myself. Already Smoky started snuggling up around my neck kinda like a cat. He has limp little body that just fits the under part of your chin. Yes... He will sleep there... Lol so what happened? At just months old that make me think he is going to be a great therapy dog? Smoky was crawling up around my neck as usually he kept going. I thought he was just crawling up on my pillow. Then he nipped at my ear. I thought he was playing. Then! It happens!! Smoky starts pawing my hair taking puppy bites all over. It felt so relaxing... He did this for 5 minutes. Do You know how had it is to keep a puppy still for that long? This was his choice. He actually did it another time that evening. Pepper did not have to make care of me or show his bonding qualities this early because I was not hurting everyday like I am now. Pepper only would lay in my lap if I easy very sick. Smoky is already laying on my lap. He seems to know the places I hurt. I wondered could a puppy this small feel my pain already?
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