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Small shark is expected to return after the all-star again accept knee injection recovery training

Posted Feb 01 2013 2:31am
Because a guy higher wages, make raptors next season total salary will be 72 million dollars, but only if they cut in the summer hada di. But even so, they would still beyond the luxury tax line, so kleiza will become the focus of the candidate by amnesty. In addition, the arrival of the guy will make raptors become Nike Air Max 2011 Mens not lack of scorer, one a los red, 2 a DE rosanne. As for baal, Virginia, though his scoring ability is very strong, but as a post player, his rebounds, defense and pass not ideal. The raptors can discharge amir Johnson [micro bo] and jonas kazlauskas - tile LanXiu nano 'starting inside combination. Maybe someone will say: "Davis to be traded away, if again, send to walk, Virginia, raptors and substitute inside?" But it is getting guy needs to pay a price. Be worth what carry is, although the raptors in this summer can't make enough salary cap space, but wait until next summer is very possible. About whether the guy will choose to implement 2014-15 Nike Air Max 2011 Womens season contract worth $19.3 million, and now is still unknown. But the Toronto raptors for the contract and the guy is full of confidence, and this confidence mainly comes from team configuration and tactical game. Compared with the grizzlies inside combination -- pau gasol and lando husband, raptors of amir Johnson and jonas kazlauskas - tile LanXiu nano range, more big, the speed is faster, and the most important thing is, they don't need to take up too much of shots. So the raptors, the guy can really enjoy the privilege of the team. And then through the Virginia and the deal, according to the characteristics of the Toronto raptors guy and preferences for him to form a team. Of course, all of these are based on the basis of "may". But in gay, los red, rose, German rosanne, amir Johnson and jonas Nike Air Max 90 kazlauskas - tile LanXiu nano 'core team absolute some a dozen, though not top level, but in the eastern playoffs still hope a lot of.Beijing time on February 1,, according to the csnphilly "reported that 76 people team center Andrew bynum [micro bo] again today to accept the knee injections, is expected to return after the all-star weekend. Bynum in September when he had knee injections, wanted to participate in the training camp in October, but in the course of treatment his knee appeared again and again, and still can't get back. But recently bynum's injury is a good recovery, swelling and pain sense has largely disappeared. In Wednesday's training, bynum has to improve agility training, including a large number of lateral movement and urgent QiJi stop. He was shooting training, but also in training finally completed the dunk. But bynum Cheap Nike Air Max 90 still and don't want to jump to a comeback: "I hope all goes well, don't want to encounter any trouble, eager to return is a stupid things." Bynum came to 76 people in the summer after, not for the club, 76 people are now only got 19 games and negative record ranked ninth east. Bynum will participate in the team's practice, is expected to return after all star.Beijing time on February 1,, in yesterday brooklyn the nets and Miami heat [micro bo] before the game, the nets rebounding beast reggie Evans said publicly that the Miami heat won last season proves nothing, because last season is shrink, and at the same time, Evans says lebron James and ordinary people no difference. Because this remarks, Evans on the network were a lot of fans siege. Today, Evans in his Twitter on the back, he laughed and said he won't be any influence, even encourage hope those who brush screen scold his fans to continue. Don't know is to provoke opponents or do not like the heat, Evans in yesterday's game say a surprising remarks. As the James before the game and after the game also the Evans and provocation by. Before the start of the match James when interviewed said he and Evans don't too familiar. After the game, James use statistic the large gap and a better return the Evans, it can be said that the enemy has come to an end. But the fans still not pass Evans, they on the network through various channels to the beast launched attacks. To this, Evans also some sit still, he Twitter in the continuous responded to these fans.
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