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Sleep is for the weak!

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:00pm
IMG_5433 copy

No new pictures to offer you. I wish! But alas, we are having computer issues. My dear, sweet laptop, with whom I have a special connection, is on her last legs. We have a lender CPU from work, a lender monitor from church, and that works for basics - but it's barely got room for my Photoshop Elements, let alone photos. So I have photos on my camera, but none downloaded in 3 weeks. Ew...

The girls and Matt have colds. I have either allergies or a cold. Either way, we're going through tissues pretty fast around here. Boo...

I think Naomi is cutting teeth again, she's drooling all over the show, plus the cold. Lots of unwanted bodily fluid over here. :)

And as you can imagine, between teeth and sickness and trip over the weekend, sleep is a precious, and RARE commodity.

Sleep is for the week, you know that right? Did you also know that my precious mother-in-law prays for good sleep for her three grandchildren every day? She knows how important it is. :) Her prayers will be answered, some day. Probably not tonight, as I'm settling a sick baby already at 11:00pm. But I can dream, can't I?


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