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Short term memory loss

Posted Oct 08 2012 10:06pm
How bad is your memory? I do admit I have issues with short term memory
from my hydrocephalus. I have mad this no secret to the new friend I was getting to know again from high school.
  We were talking about his work and I ask him if he work and he made this Smart Comment to me! " He knows its my short term memory loss but he has told me all this before!   It flew all over me! I do have issues remembering things in order... I get confused when somebody works crazy schedules. I remember things my own way!   Many of us deal with discrimination. It really hurts when it comes from someone that acts like they care.   I had been using my memory issues to ask a lot of question though too.   Short term memory  problems is common with many hydrocephalus patients. The more surgeries we have and complications the worse it can possibly get.   I have been lucky in this area that mine is very minor. Like I said I was asking questions because I was trying to figure this guy out.
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