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Short interview about Golden Moments of Choice: Staying in old ruts or forging new pathways

Posted May 02 2010 12:00am

Radioantique002-1 As I posted about on Friday , I was on David Solie's radio show yesterday. We discussed neuroplasticity (the changing brain); and the importance of knowing your personal values before you can make changes, either breaking old habits or forging new ones. And we talked about the ability to be fully aware of your Golden Moments of Choice, those moments when you can choose to go down old, worn habit paths or begin to create new behaviors and attitudes. Click to listen . The program lasts 30 minutes.

I wish there had been time to mention to David two important kinds of motivation for making changes. Many people with whom I have worked in Brains on Purpose™ have been motivated by one of two discoveries. First, some people, particularly while doing one of the BonP exercises, realize how unnecessarily harsh they have been in self-judgment and make changes due to a new level of kindness. Others, when looking at old habits through BonP methods, are struck at how funny, even silly, the ruts are and their motivation is the resulting laughter.

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