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Posted Jan 21 2012 9:12pm

The mind of the Tiger Lady is back and it is Saturday night January 21, 2012 updating “Self.”

As I learn to give up control and in the beginning to accept change by trusting myself and accepting others as they are, I now see what I can do. I tell you I don’t need to depend on anyone! But I do know the Lord is merciful and gracious, he fills my life with good things. I am beginning to understand that my attitude can change my life, I decide what matters to me! Do you feel right with you?

You can actually see your confidence in your life and your future increases, knowing that you are working in your own way. You have nothing to fear, do you? Let me share with you; as I begin to feel better about myself, little by little I am now exposing myself to everyone and to new surroundings, new friends. So, you will need to love you and accept you and decide how you feel about YOU! Something to strive for this year.

This new development of a stronger self of “self – acceptance” allows you to experience a much more comfortable life, by seeing your strengths as well as your limitations, becoming more willing to take risk. What do you think? It is an attempt to face life’s challenges so you can survive.

Maybe, it’s time to be more aware of where you are going in your life, if you sincerely want to change. The only thing you have to remember; you are nothing, that it is God or your Higher Being within who does the work.

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” – Anthony Robins

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