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Self Worth

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
My horoscope for today:

"Your growing sense of self worth has come from deep within you, and that's why it is so strong and meaningful. Now, if your self worth was built only on compliments or other people validating your achievements, then it wouldn't be as solid. But you've taken risks and proven to yourself that you rock -- and you rock hard. So have no fears that you will lose your confidence just because you stumble here or there. You're made of stronger stuff than that, so have faith in yourself!"

Makes sense. I think it is fitting that I read that before I am leaving for therapy because I am thinking of discontinuing therapy for awhile. First of all, he didn't show up for our last session, secondly, he said the insurance company hasn't paid him, and thirdly, makes me wait sometimes up to 15 minutes into my scheduled time but still ends the session at the normal time. Plus he talks more than I do! I say something or bring something up and he just goes off on a tangent for awhile. I know that when he asks what I want to talk about I usually have nothing to say, but isn't that where he is supposed to ask me questions based on what we have already talked about? its just not going the way I thought it would. Though I really did get something out of it, I mean the whole I am the miracle thing came from him and I have been doing great since he pointed that out! But maybe its just not for me any more, at least right now. I don't know, we will see how today goes...
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