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Self Imposed

Posted Dec 27 2011 10:55pm

Mind of the Tiger Lady is back and updating “Self
Imposed” on this day Dec. 27th 2011.

I have dared to be courageous!  There comes a time in your life you lose your
way and today is the day you will be right with some Higher Being to take control,
so you can be right with yourself. Whatever your past was is surely to be past.

I know from my past
life experience that it’s real easy to walk into the line of ambush and false
perceptions. If a limitation is self imposed, it is one that we have forced
ourselves to accept and is not forced on us by somebody else. What? You may

I’m talking about self – improvement for you, a
positive change for a New Year of 2012. Are you willing to try something new in
your life? I read a quote that says, “To get what you want,

you’ve got to know
what you want and be able to articulate your goals clearly. What do you think?

I have learned to set my priorities straight, it’s time to live fearlessly each day. Do

you feel aware of your weaknesses? Endurance and perseverance is righteous!

Will you find the motivation and energy for your New Year 2012? How good it is to see

you functioning again.  To know thy self with joy and enthusiasm, before you retire tonight

and do nothing, please allow time for your mind and body to be replenished and nourished.

This is the opportunity to begin the courage to change and build true character.

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