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Second Chance on Life

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:43pm

I am afraid that I may jinx things if I brag about how well things are going since my recent two programming sessions with Dr. Olga. I’m embarrassed to admit to success particularly while I see others struggling with Parkinson’s, deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgeries and programming sessions. I’m afraid if I openly state the positive outcomes, they may vanish like vapor.

Yet I have observed positive changes recently in myself with little or no tremor, less dyskinesia, stronger voice, smoother stride, four hours between medication instead of three, medication reduced by 25%, and my favorite is having MORE ENERGY. Mind you, it’s still Parkinson’s but a less intense version.

Meanwhile, my friend Valerie is also thriving with DBS (actually four DBS surgeries, three GI surgeries, and continuous programming for the past four years). With Valerie’s permission, here are excerpts from our emails where she describes her recent escapades roller skating with her six-year-old daughter Abi:

Valerie: Did I happen to tell that I took Abi roller skating last week, and I actually participated myself without a single calamity befalling me! Despite the fact that it had literally been eons since I was last on "wheels,” my balance was remarkably normal. I don't mean to sound like a show-off, but am just so thrilled to have a second chance (for however long it may last) at life that I can barely contain myself!

Kate: It's time to be a showoff. This is indeed remarkable. You deserve a second chance on life, and hopefully it will last for a very long time.

Valerie: Ah, yes, Kate, perhaps I do deserve a second chance, but then don't we all! I do think that I feel a certain amount of guilt and embarrassment that I am doing as well as I am, especially when so many friends are struggling.

We all deserve a second chance on life, and I'm hoping all of us have the opportunity of getting it.

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