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Scientia Pro Publica: Answers to 28 popular and not-so-popular questions

Posted Sep 27 2010 4:53am

Welcome to the XL edi­tion of Sci­en­tia Pro Pub­lica (or, since we are trying to speak English, the 40th edition of “Science for the People”), the rotating blog car­ni­val that show­cases the finest sci­ence, med­ical and envi­ron­ment writ­ing pub­lished in the blogosphere.

Quick now — ask a question, any question, that comes to mind. Chances are someone in this excellent roster of science bloggers has anticipated it and provided an answer below. Enjoy!

About ourselves

  1. Why do I feel better after I exercise (pic: brainblogger)
About our bodies

  1. What really is a tumour (pic: Jeff Wolf)
About mind-body connections

  1. Can I manage my medication for optimal sexual life (pic:
  2. Does Western Style Diet Increase Risk of ADHD

About our peers

  1. What exactly is that fuzzy layer of sediment in the pond (pic: fishpond fever)
About our living spaces — and their struggles

  1. What’s NASA crashing into next, and why (pic: Q space)
About science itself

  1. What is the link between art and science (pic: N Shaner, P Steinbach, R Tsien, BioArt. Wikipedia Commons)

And that´s it for today.

Good news: given the growing amount of entries received, Scientia Pro Publica is turning weekly, at least for a while. What does this mean? Two things: 1) next edition, hosted by Deep Thoughts and Silliness , will go live  next Monday, October 4th, 2) the Carnival needs more hosts!

To send submissions to the next issue , please use this automated submission form , making sure to include the URL or “permalink”, the essay title and a brief summary. To volunteer to be a host, please send an email to ScientiaBlogCarnival at

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