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Rock Band Can Cause Seizures!

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
I was at Best Buy today and I checked out those games for Pop Star and American Idol and I was looking on the back cover for the song lists, (I just might have to get the Pop Star 80's addition!) but there is a warning on the back that it may cause seizures so I checked Rock Band and the warning is there as well, same with Guitar Hero. Guess I should have checked that out before I bought it, but now I know I am not going crazy or being too paranoid! I am just wondering what to say to my new Neuro Doc, if I ever get the referral, because I am afraid of losing my driver's license. I have never had a problem driving, at least not since I've been on meds- I did have a seizure twice while I was driving before I knew about the tumors, but they were only partial seizures, I never lost consciousness. So thats the deal, I will stay play those games, because they are fun but if I will limit my game play time and if I start to feel weird I will stop.

I had my dentist appointment this morning and I have to say it was the most pleasant dentist visit I have ever had. My friend referred me to this dentist and afterwards I called her to thank her! Everyone in the office was so nice. They were very kind and only took check up X-Rays to limit my exposure. They said everything looked great, I take very good care of my teeth. I think that is funny because I hardly ever floss! Maybe I am the exception to that rule! No new cavities and they even cleaned my teeth right then. The last dentist I had would never clean my teeth, I always had to make an appointment separately for a teeth cleaning. Now they did say that it looks like I grind my teeth so they recommend I wear a night guard. My insurance doesn't pay and I do have a store bought one so I will use that one for now, at least until I get a job and can afford the $300 for a specially fitted guard.

Tomorrow is my allergist appointment. I hope he can give me some answers because the ear popping is getting worse and driving me crazy!

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