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Rings of Committment

Posted Mar 22 2013 1:16pm
I have been a fan of Army Wives since the beginning. I love the show, not just because of its patriotic tone during a time in our nations history when patriotism has begun to feel outdated- and to only effect a few- but because it depicts with clarity the total and real commitment these officers and their families feel toward the United States. Often, when I watch it, it feels like the America I was brought up in. The American I was brought up in was not a Sarah Palin type of America. We were midwesterners to our roots, and we didn't have much in the way of material goods, but when we stood to say the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning before class began, it was with pride. And, when we sang the Star Spangled Banner at school events or anytime I felt a tingle go through me. I am an American meant something then- free and clear. There are military rings to denote who and why those who are serve do so. Perhaps there should be rings to denote our patriotism- not guns, or big mouth magpies on the TV who spout off about the issue of the day without any pertinent proof. Today, I am an American- free and clear- and that is how I wish it to be.
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