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Posted Jan 08 2010 1:27pm

Yes, it’s the NEW YEAR!  And I refuse to make resolutions…they are so yesterday!  BUT, it is time to revisit the topic of exercise.  Since exercise allows me to be limber enough to walk upright, it’s a good thing.  But I really HATE to walk on the treadmill, or sit on an exercise bike.  I’d rather walk where I can see things, do something different or have a new experience.

The weather here in Central Texas has been cold (yeah, I know, usually I’m whining because it’s so HOT!).  But really, it was 19 degrees here last night, and the water in the outdoors’ pond waterfall has frozen sections.  So, exercising outdoors is a bit limiting right now.

SO, HERE’S MY NEW EXERCISE PLAN….and it’s working.  Each day I either watch The Ellen DeGeneris Show or record it.  The minute it comes on there is upbeat music, she does a little monologue, has a couple of commercials and little segments, and THEN SHE DANCES WITH THE AUDIENCE.  This goes on for 20 to 30 minutes everyday.

So, when the show comes on, I start dancing around my living room.  IT WORKS!!!  I move, I lunge, I get my arms in the air, swinging them around, pumping my fists, lifting my feet. Sometimes I march, sometimes, I boogie – but it WORKS!  I move, I exercise, I get my heart rate up there and geez….yes, I sweat (yuk).  But, it’s fun, I laugh, my doggies follow me around the couch, and Ellen keeps my exercise time light and happy.

What are your new exercise plans this year?  I hope to keep this up, lowering my blood sugar levels, lose more weight, and keep my muscles a little more limber.  Then maybe I’ll be able to walk around a mall without my cane.

Updates WILL follow!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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