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Review of the emWave: The em-What??

Posted Sep 13 2008 1:13am
I haven't really talked on my blog about the emWave personal trainer recently released by theHeartMathInstitute.

It's handy little device that you can use to practiceheart coherencewithout having to have a computer on and that lets you wander as you practice.

I have been using it with my clients and they have found it a useful addition to training sessions. So much so, that several have asked to purchase the extras I have for use in group classes.

So what's all the buzz about? I recently saw a greatreviewof the emWavepersonal heart coherence training tool on aThe Gadgeteer.

This is wonderful review of the emWave with great pictures and a quick video so you can see its use.

The one comment I want to make in clarification is that the author, Julie, talks about not wanting to use the emWave in public places:

"On the other hand, I can't see myself pulling the emWave out of my gear bag at work and using it during the day when everyday work stresses start to take a toll on my sanity. I'm more likely to revert back to my old method of closing my eyes and taking a few deep breaths. This is mostly true because no hardware is required, I can do it anywhere, nosy people won't ask me what the heck I'm doing and I don't have to worry about batteries running low."

The emWave is really a training tool.

It gives you great feedback as to how coherent your heart rhythms are when you are in the learning phase and feeling less than confident.

But once you have a good sense of when you feel coherent and when you don't, you don't really need the emWave with you anymore. You will be able to follow the Quick Coherence technique HeartMath teaches to pay attention to your heart, breath "through" your heart, and move yourself into a positive place. No hardware required.

So does that mean you don't really the emWave?

Yes and no.

You can learn to create a state of heart coherence without it. But the more you need the technique, the more you will likely benefit from having the feedback available to guide you into a coherence place.

You can find other uses for the emWave after you've mastered the basics. I like to use the emWave while I'm reading or on conference calls or other times when I'm actively attending to something else, but want a little reminder in the background to maintain a state of coherence while I'm doing that other thing.

Maybe you have other ideas or suggestions for how you can use an emWave personal trainer?
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