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Posted Nov 15 2009 10:03pm

Last week I took off a few days and went to Durango, CO with a friend.  When in the midst of the work world I forget about the value of rest, the value of relaxation, the value of doing nothing.  Life is measured by achievement, success by completion, and worth by how much money we make.  No one tells us to relax, rest and do nothing to increase our value in society!  Yet, that’s exactly what this trip taught me.

Those of you who know me know that I’ve begun felting wool, recycling wool sweaters and blankets and making laptop sleeves, purses, tea cozies and doggie sweaters from the wool.  My friend accompanied me as we combed through thrift stores looking for 100% wool.  Needless to say, in Colorado ski country, we hit the jackpot!  I had so many great woolen items, I had to ship them home in a large box!

I didn’t take my laptop computer on this trip.  I didn’t answer work emails.  I put on my “out of office” and ignored the problems and quasi-crisis knowing that those who were monitoring my messages were fully capable of handling every problem, question, and inquiry.

Instead, I spent time knitting, sipping wine, rocking in the rocker, laughing and conversing.  It was restful, truly restful.  And with all of that rest, my mind cleared.  I realize that I do need to spend more time doing the things I enjoy – knitting, felting, fulling, and creating from natural fibers.  Funny how a bolt of lightening hit me while standing on the sidewalk in Downtown Durango – I realized I want to do the things I enjoy….I haven’t allowed myself the time to really consider that before.

Having a realization, an epiphany, and then actually doing something about it – well, that’s two different things!  I know that the time I have to sew silk, bead, and work with my hands is limited by my PD.  EVERYTHING is limited by my PD, IF I allow myself to succumb to that attitude.  Yes, I may drop beads, have to rip out stitches that are crooked or malformed, but at least I’ll be doing the things I enjoy.  Moving slowly and more deliberately is frustrating and sad for someone like myself, who is “high energy”.  But, if I never take the chance, if I never try – then I’ll continue being a good workbot….and life will become more sad.

So, the message today – rest is vital, important, and can produce some special results.  Resting in Colorado meant an epiphany for me….so resting is a blessing.

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