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Repost from December 29, ...

Posted Nov 14 2011 10:47am
Repost from December 29,2009
Sometimes I wonder why life keeps throwing things at me to stress me out. I have never ask why even when I was little and in the hospital. I did ask my mom why I was not on the news like Nancy Regan for having surgery for my brain tumor ( at 8 years old I did not realize all the other children in the world going through the same as me. I felt like I was all alone in my journey)

With my head hurting everyday and body aches endlessly going on the world still hands me lemons. While being out of power for 8 days I stayed with my parents. Pepper loves Momma and Daddy. But I guess like candy we can all have too much of a good thing. On day 3 of staying with my parents Pepper was up all night and acted as if he had had a stroke the next day. But medicine thankfully helped him out. Mostly he slept but I rather have him sleep than stress and worry trying to go home and not understand why we could not go.

Then Christmas going out to use the bathroom Pepper sprained his hip. I took him to see Dr. Scott yesterday because I am still having to carry him everywhere, he can't go up steps, walking on 3 legs and is not wanting to drink or eat much.

Dr. Scott reassured me it was a sprain and gave us some pain meds to help him through the healing. We all thought only people could get hurt on the ice.

I got super stressed and ill with the power people they came Christmas eve and got every ones power on around me but my house. I called and was promised someone would fix it first thing the next morning. Christmas Day!! Well no one came. Day after Christmas finally a guy came to see it was a fuse that needed to be replaced. In 2 minutes I had my power.

I had been taking up for the workers of the power company until I called 2 days before Christmas and they told me a total lie that they were working on Teague road.

During the storm my Granny's dog died. She had had her dog for over 15 years.

This morning I found out my niece had to re home her puppy because her mom is going through a divorce and having to take on all the house hold bills and they are both grieving over him not being there. My heart is aching for them both. Although it was the best decision for the puppy it is still hard to deal with knowing he is gone.

I'm at a loss I want to help but I don't know how.

I saw someone had been looking at Ginger's picture. Which gave me the warm fuzzy feeling. Then I read the post close to her picture. I really love snow!

My facebook friends tease me about snow dances. Wow! did I eve think that one post would bring back a flood of emotions...


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