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Remote PC Access Software- an effective Productivity enhancement and Workforce Training Tool

Posted Mar 01 2013 7:23am

Remote support software allows multiple computer users located at any place in the world to directly connect and communicate with one another. Such connections prove extremely useful in high levels of collaboration and also improve technical support by significant levels. In simple words, the Remote PC Access software enhances workplace productivity significantly. Let’s take a look on how Remote PC Access software enhances productivity through real-time support and performance monitoring and how the tool works to enhance the employee training process.

In several job environments, certain procedures need to be followed to ensure optimal productivity. Training newly hired candidates using Remote PC Access software can greatly decrease the time required in training programs without affecting its efficacy. Managers and Trainers can use the software to monitor the employee’s procedures and determine his/her weaknesses and strengths. If the employee is finding a particular task difficult, the monitoring authority can take control of his/her system and demonstrate the right way of doing that particular task. The whole process of teaching happens on the employee’s screen as if someone is guiding sitting beside him/her. This kind of guidance and assistance reduces the training time and also helps in better learning.

Remote PC Access control software also allows screen recording. This feature of the software works to enhance overall productivity. Using the software, multiple computer screens of connected computers can be recorded and viewed at later time. The screen recording can be scheduled for certain projects or when running specific programs. This can help trainers and mangers understand why certain workers are more productive than their compatriots and the gathered information can be used to implement change. The screen recording can be useful for employee rewarding, incident reporting or any other purpose.

Call center and technical staff employers can also benefit from recording feature as they can know how their employees are communicating with their clients and also see the corresponding screen activity. The recording of screen can be also being done in stealth mode. The non-intrusive monitoring technique can help the employers understand any productivity issues that their workers might be having. It can also help in identifying patterns of employee performance that can prove useful to improve training programs. This proves the Remote PC software works to enhance productivity in any setup or application.

The RHUB Collaborative Remote Support Appliance is advanced Remote PC Access software with in-built conferencing facilities. It is very useful for businesses wanting to reduce incident handling time, and increase call capacity without increasing the budget. The remote support appliance offers several advanced functions such as session recording, unattended remote support and remote reboot of the supported computer.


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