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Remembering Peper

Posted Oct 24 2012 10:08pm
If you follow my facebook you know I depend on pepper alot. Which he depended on me alot also he had been diabetic since he was 8 or 9 and had other health problems.
  As you see loved Ginger. I have a big book of when was a Ginger was a kitten. Pepper would ruff his nose right in her little belly. I kept her claws clipped because they both loved  to play like this.     When Pepper was not enjoying the fireplace you could find Ginger here. Christmas is going to be really sad ;)Pepper loved to open presents. If we didn't get to his stocking when he thought we should he pull it down himself. He always wanted  my daddy to help him open his presents!!!
Sometimes I wondered if he even cared what was on the inside of the gifts... He would rip had shake and pull!!! He was so smart he knew how to look for the place to start to open the present!!!

Pepperhad favorite toys. I had bought him 5 different types of balls. but this was his favorite. I had the worst squeeker tha would fall out and constantlly in searc this ball once again. I would try new ones but they alway goy looked at with a "Thank you, but no."

Yes I liked to dress pepper up:0) He did not love his sweaters and suit as much as Cricket did... As so as crcrgot  jr cut hed a sweater would put hhead through head hole trying to put it on.
But you knew pepper he an attitude. Thatis what made him pepper. He talked all time. Mostly talked talked

If you did not tell him good bye!!! You turound real quick beause he started barking and and pitching a fit.

Pepper alwad steps to get up on thebed and couch but since his stroke a month or so a go I had to pick him up. Which time would grumble about.

 I tried to let him walk up the front steps but just push his little bottom but he grumbbled about that too,,,

Dways said Pepper did not want him to see he really loved his sissy
My Santa Pepper :)

Deanna came to take care of Pepper during my last shunt surgery. I love this picture. Pepper fell love with Deanna. Beleave it or not the was certain people he did not like.

I took this picture recently.  I him sleeping which he only wanted to stay in most days and sleep.

There was a day or two that really susprised Daddy and me. he wanted to around in the front yard and oak up a bit of sun. I let him stay out as long as he thought he wanted. I think maybe 15 minutes. He wanted to walk to the garden.  You could tell he was not able to walk around there.  Daddy finally picked him up and carried him to the front door.

He would usually bark and rub up and down couch in excitement aftng outside. But not today. He just went and layed down in the dinning room.

Tuesday  October 16th Pepper got me up couging. My first thought was could it be Pneumonia? I got with my and dad as the cough got worse we took him to the Dr. the next day.

It was Pneumonia... But it was also his heart. The Dr. Thought there was fluid build up in his lungs.

t thing I wanted was for him to smother... But my dad had not said "good bye" I was not prepared for this.

I think the stroke he had a month or so a go has weakened his heart. I took him in after stroke but Dr.S would not comfirm that the stroke happened.

It gave us time to stay "Good Bye" I made sure his last meal (by accident) was grilled chicken.

We got to make those last moments special.

Pepper would scratch at my dads leg or whine to get to sit in his lap. He didn't like my lap as much because use because I'm short and I don't make a good lap.

  This is pepper at Christmas. I loved him dressed up like santa....

Pepper didn't understand why he could not ride on this like the mule:)

I named my blog after Pepper because of the way he would not leave my side while I had my faulty shunts. He would not even go outside. I had to paper train him at 4 years old.

  I can remember the very first day I got Pepper. He snuggled up to my neck and I loved on him all the way home. Daddy named him.

 I got him in 1998. I think I got got him from a puppy mill after I think about all the medical problems he had over the years. All I wanted was a pet but I did want a poodle or a poodle mix.

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