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Questions about cerebral palsy

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:01pm 1 Comment

I have been working on a post about my cerebral palsy. I haven't written so much about that topic because I had originally intended my blog to be about my interviews with people with disabilities and the societal issues of disability.

But, after reading Kathryn's recent post , and Billie's blog and Jacqui's blog and others, I think that maybe some information about how CP is for me could be helpful.

So, parents of young children with cerebral palsy, do you have a question you'd like me (or maybe my mom) to address about my CP now or when I was younger? If so, leave a comment here.

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Oh, what a wonderful thing to do!  Bless you, sweetheart.  I am a grandma, and my first and only grandchild was just diagnosed with CP.  We are so concerned and worried and have so many questions.

My first concern is her intellectual impairment.  She is only 16 months, so I think it will be a long time until we really know anything definitive.  Also, if your mom remembers, what tests gave information.  We are scheduled for MRI and EEG and don't know exactly what they will tell us.

 Our baby is cruising well and I think the walking will be manageable, but she has not babbled or spoken much at all.  I'm terrified she will never speak. 

Any information your mom could give about the early years, or any advice either or you have, would be most helpful and kind.  I feel the need to do something, as both proactive parenting and as a distraction from our pain.

 Thank you,

Grandma Zebra

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