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Pressure Is Still There

Posted Mar 23 2010 6:28pm
I took an extra steroid pill today, wondering if that would help with the pressure I was feeling on the right side of my face but it didn't help.  It is becoming a constant feeling, when a couple days ago when I first mentioned it, it wasn't.  I think I should call the doc tomorrow about it.  Tomorrow I am also going to see my accountant because I tried unsuccessfully to do my taxes online and because of the movie that I prepped last June and got paid as an independent contractor and therefore got a misc 1099 I am forced to go to my accountant because I do not have a business license, I had one a few years ago but I didn't renew it because I didn't think I would have to and my previous accountant never told me I needed it.  Anyway, I am hoping my accountant can work around it. 

Still not sleeping much.  The xanax helps me fall asleep but I can't stay asleep.  The L-theanine also helps but again still can't stay asleep.  Not getting more than 5-6 hours a night and its not straight through either.  Gonna try something else tonight and if that doesn't work gonna call the GP doc and ask for Ambien.  When I saw him last week he said to give it a week and then let him know so thats what I'll do.  Didn't even try to take a nap today so maybe that will help me sleep tonight.  I was just so exhausted after doing 6 loads of laundry last night, maybe I was too tired!  Didn't do too much today except try to do my taxes and call about a bill from the hospital for over $700 from the radiation treatment.  I told them I don't have it so they are sending me an application for assistance. 

Right now at this very moment I am sitting on my couch typing this and my neck is very tense and I have that very tight feeling running up my left side and my right hand is throbbing a little bit.  My left foot is throbbing a little too, but I am wearing my little brace.  My head hurts too, but I took a half of a norco about 15 minutes ago.  I am so bloated and uncomfortable, I took some gas-x about 15 minutes ago too.  My face has the pressure feeling on the right side again too, up by my temple and under my eye.  My shoulders are extremely tense and as soon as I finish typing all this I am going to lie down!  But first I am going to make some chamomile tea!
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