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Preparing for Death – Part 3

Posted May 11 2010 7:31pm

This is the third part in the series of blog posts on Preparing For Death.  This blog post deals with Recording your Wishes.

I’ve posted previously about recording your wishes in a will, codicil or other legal documents.  However, I want to encourage you to record your wishes in other ways.

Facing a debilitating disease gives each of us time to think about the people that are important to us.  Have you taken the time to really think about the people that are important to you?  Have you told these people that they are important and given them details about the ways they have enriched your life?  We can always give our family members letters, verbal affirmations or tape recordings that leave them the details we want to leave.

I think that journaling is usually a good way express my feelings for my family and friends.  In the day to day struggle of dealing with tremors, stiffness, and imbalance, I forget to extend myself to those around me and let them know how valuable their assistance, care-giving and love are to me.

Please don’t wait until you are unable to express your thoughts – don’t wait until they are locked away in your head and you’re unable to express them.  Get a voice recorder, get your pencils sharpened, or get a video camera.  Begin journaling your appreciation and love to those around you now.  Don’t wait.

Even if we are still here in 10 years the thoughts and love you have for your family will be set down in a place where you won’t have to do this again.

As depressing as you believe this topic to be – just know that refusing to plan, denying your advance directives won’t make it any easier on you or your loved ones.  We will still go on and I believe we will have an easier time sleeping while we wait for our time to meet our Heavenly Father.

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