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Pine Sol or Apple Cider Vinegar: Which is sexier, which is Greener?

Posted Jan 13 2011 7:44am

“I use bleach to clean my sinks and the other appliances in my kitchen.  Everything smells kind of like chlorine, but it makes me think of things being clean!”  Says Mary Wright, a 37 year old single mother of a 15 year old son.  Her son, Jess, has repeatedly told his mother that using this stuff is not good for either one of them.  “When you buy the cleaning supplies, you make the decisions!” she barks!

“Pine sol makes a girl feel so good!”  This from a hefty, fortyish, type gal who is resting on a sofa while a beautiful man on the the balcony is cleaning her living abode, with –you guessed it- Pine Sol!  

Author’s Note:  Never thought Pine Sol would be dressed in sex, but here we are!

The truth of the matter is that if you want to stay green in winter, and breathe at the same time there are two great natural products to buy that will get the job done- without harsh chemicals!

The first is apple cider vinegar.  Might not smell as sexy as Pine Sol or have Mary Wright’s nostalgic fragrance, but it will get the job done, and no harsh chemicals to creep into your nostrils, food, or dishes.
And, the second is plain old lemon juice. 

Sexy, svelte, and coming to you in a scent from heaven, lemon juice makes your whole kitchen feel and smell like Fort Myers Beach on a clear October day. 
As for the original question, well, I have a hard time with equating any cleaning product with sex.  But, if I really have to choose and can get anyone to clean my house because of it, I will just have to place apple cider vinegar up there at top!
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