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Physical therapy

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
Two more doctor appointments down, one more to go. I saw the neurologist today, nothing exciting. He did his normal tests, took my blood pressure, (which is very good by the way) checked my eyes (follow my finger...) tested my hand eye coordination, etc... said I was doing very well, kept my medication like it is and said come back in 3 months! After seeing that doc I went to my G.P. and dropped off my disability paperwork and then went to my eye doc for my field of vision test. They said they would call if there was a problem with the test so hopefully everything went well. After that I went to physical therapy. They gave me exercises to do twice a day every day. simple stretches and stuff to start. Next week they will add more exercises. I have 3 appointments for next week. Hopefully we can get my foot in better shape so I can walk without the cane all the time. And so I don't fall over in the Chicago Airport like I did on my way to PA for Christmas! It was embarrassing. I was standing there looking at something and then I went to turn around and my carry on suitcase was behind me and I couldn't move my leg right and I fell over! This nice lady was standing nearby and came over to help me stand up. At least I didn't hurt myself!
I was watching TV today and I almost started to cry because everyone was dancing around. I miss being able to dance, not that I was very good at it, but I was better than I am now. I do hope the physical therapy helps me get my leg back to normal, or at least damn close to it!

I started using a new shampoo. Its not the one I read about online, but it is similar. It has many vitamins that are good for the hair follicles and the scalp and chamomile and aloe vera. It is supposed to help nurture the scalp and repair damage to scalp and hair follicles. Hopefully it will help, if not maybe I will be able to keep others from wasting their time and money on it!

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